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If you have a problem with substance abuse and need the necessary professional help, one of the best ways to obtain what you need is to enter a Norris Recovery substance abuse treatment facility. We provide the most conducive environment to support your dedication to free yourself from an addiction. Our drug rehab facility in the Bronx, New York is well-known for our welcoming and helpful staff, uplifting environment, and record of success. Read on to learn more about how we go about treatment and what effect it has on our clients.


Client health and safety comes before anything else at Norris Recovery. For that reason, we always make sure to keep a close watch over any client that we suspect may be going through withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous depending on what substances you have used recently. If you can be transparent with us about what, and how much of it, you have used, we can help you more effectively and be better prepared for the challenges you will face. This is specifically helpful for withdrawal, but applies to your entire treatment at our addiction recovery center in the Bronx. The more we know about your addiction history, the more we can help you.


Once the worst of your withdrawal symptoms has passed, we will match you with one of our therapists so you can begin individual sessions. The purpose of these meetings is to help you identify what causes you to use substances and build up coping mechanisms as well as other tools to help you stay away from using. Our therapists use a wide variety of approaches to ensure that there are several perspectives available to you. The key point is that as a client of Norris Recovery, you will have the resources to succeed. We don’t force conversations on you, but we will show you the path to overcome your problems. The path is yours to take. We empower you to make your own choices and encourage you to make wise ones. Like any addiction recovery facility, it is the job of Norris Recovery to get you to stop using. But we also know you might have other issues in your life that will need to be addressed first, such as home and family life, economic well-being, housing, food security, or trauma.


Our addiction treatment center in the Bronx also uses group therapy as a tool for success. In group therapy, you and other clients have a conversation. A therapist will facilitate the group by helping the conversation along, they will support and validate each breakthrough. Group therapy produces insight and significant perspectives to reinforce other things you are learning at the addiction treatment facility in the Bronx. Early on, it can be easier for clients trust others who are going through the same problems than your therapist. The experience of talking things out with peers can help you see that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings.


Eventually, you will reach the point where you no longer need to stay at the drug detox clinic in the Bronx, New York. You will leave our addiction recovery program and proceed to daily life. We will support you in this transition in multiple ways depending on your needs, but we always make sure to get you the right connections, referrals, and resources for your situation. That way, you will have as smooth an exit as possible to sustain your progress.


Nobody finds addiction recovery easy. Some people go through multiple drug rehab centers before they find something that works. Norris Recovery is that program. As long as you are persistent and open to the treatment, you will be able to take the steps that will become the foundation of a drug-free life.


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